Why I Blog On Leadership Development

Welcome to my blog! You deserve to know why I add my voice to this cacophonous forum.

If you followed my Leadership QuickBrief™ (also known as the LQB™), you know that my focus is leadership—helping leaders understand, exercise, and teach great leadership.

In an age of quick sound bites, why start a blog? For three reasons:

To broaden our dialog. We can interact with a blog and exchange ideas.

To broaden our reach. Leadership has become complex and confusing. The solution we have is a unique Leadership Framework that brings clarity to the confusion. We show leaders how they can become great leaders. That’s a message worth getting out there.

To broaden our impact. Great leadership changes the world for good, and much of the suffering in the world comes from bad leadership. Together we can help change that—and spread the practice of great leadership.

To broaden our learning. I am a student of great leadership as much as a teacher of great leadership. I look forward to your input and questions – so that we can think, grow, and learn together.

So welcome to this blog!

I look forward to what lies ahead – and the good that we can do together!